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Who we are

Somos una empresa mexicana, fundada en el año 2000, dedicada a la protección de cultivos en México.
Elaboramos y comercializamos una gran variedad de productos para la agricultura orgánica, biorracional y convencional con la más alta calidad, avalados con certificación internacional OMRI.

We always aim to conquer new challenges and continue innovating quality products with low environmental impact. We develop organic inputs to optimize the production and protection of your crops.

Through innovation and technology, we create value in
national and international markets. 

Los productos de Altiara contribuyen a cuidar recursos naturales.

National Distribution

Altiara cuenta con una red de distribuidores con cobertura nacional.

Altiara has a distribution network that covers the entire country.

We are a young and professional team of agronomists and specialists in life sciences. Our representatives work with growers and field experts to help solve the daily challenges of agriculture.

Solving the challenges of agriculture means integrating the best global practices to protect natural resources. Also, to protect the communities where local farmers work and live.

Our commitment

Our commitment is to be a socially responsible company. In this vein, we are an honorary member of UMFFAAC and participate actively in the Amocali Campo Limpio organization.

Altiara es una Empresa Socialmente Responsable.

Being a Socially Responsible Company is the base of our commitment. ESR is a Mexican organization that certifies business management practices to ensure that our operations are economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. 

Logo de la Unión Mexicana de Fabricantes y Formuladores de Agroquímicos (UMFFAAC).

The Mexican Union of Manufacturers and Formulators of Agrochemicals (UMFFAAC) is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) formed by companies that promote the national crop protection and nutrition industry.

Amocali Campo Limpio is an NGO with 250 agrochemical and related companies. It is dedicated to the comprehensive management of used containers, which are a by-product of agricultural activity.

Programa de Uso Responsable de Agroquímicos.